Tuesday, October 5, 2010

School of Spiritual Direction

This weekend I get to do something that has been on my heart for the last couple of years. It has previously been 'out of reach' due to scheduling conflicts or financial constraints. But at fairly short notice, God has opened the door for me to attend and to do so with Carol as well. We are both excited but also a little apprehensive as I sense that this will be as much about change in us and the preparation of our own hearts as it will be about learning news skills or techniques. The timing could not have been better and we both sense that this is something of a watershed moment in our lives and ministries.

Spiritual Direction or Spiritual Formation is not something with which most Christians are familiar. It was certainly not a part of the tradition in which Carol and I grew up as young believers. But we have come to increasingly see this as an important part of our spiritual growth and development. Our interest has also been piqued by reading some of Larry Crabb's books and reflecting upon his own spiritual journey. Some of these books include;
You can see a short video clip on Larry Crabb's approach to Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Formation by clicking on this image to the right. I like the idea that this is not just for the "professionals" but that it is something we can all learn to grow in and provide for others through deep spiritual friendships. It is our hope to impart these principles to others so that our Simple Church communities are increasingly places of healing and transformation for our lives.

This is what Larry Crabb says on his website; "As we conceive it, Spiritual Direction is the process of exploring and understanding the interior world of another, recognizing both the work of the flesh and the work of the Spirit, and following the Spirit's work in transforming the person's interior world to become more like Christ." It is really all about helping others develop a deeper and closer relationship with the Lord so that he becomes our chief delight and joy. This is what the Holy Spirit is doing in our lives and we're simply partnering with Him in the task with those whom God has put into our lives and communities.